Over the years I have photographed many things , from end of life, to family days out at the fair but this has to of been the most incredible. I have not seen a baby come into this world before. It was very seral experience. I obviously cried behind my camera. But it really hit me when I went to my car to give them some space, I remember sitting there and just thing wow!

Jen kindly let me document her birth. When we met she said, take photos of whatever you like. So I did! I did the whole story from hand clenching, to the shower, even the tea and toast. I love how raw the images are, how real they are, how impowering they are. Jen was totally amazing, took it all in her stride. I watched her in awe. Her husband, Damian, was a true star. Holding her hand and supporting her the whole way through.

Ottile come into the world at 4 mins to 4pm on the 4th October and she was baby number 4.

I want to thank Jen and Damian for allowing me to be part of something so special. I feel very privileged to of been there, its certainly something I will never forget!

I hope to do more births, if you are interested please contact me to discuss.

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