At home with the Sheppard’s - Documentary family session

My documentary family session with the Sheppard family was just pure magic. From the moment I arrived they all just totally went with it and carried on like I wasn’t even there.

Jaxon and Jake were so pleased to show me their bedrooms and all their special things.

Mum asked that I included the families new puppy in the images. Of course I did, how could I not!?

For lunch the family had planned to make pizzas.

This was music to my ears. I encouraged them to make them whilst I was there as that it what story telling, documentary photography is all about. Capturing the real moments, unposed and non intrusive.

I always love to get some more posed style images at the end of the session.

Plus one at the front door so when your little ones grow up they remember their home.

Here’s what the Sheppard family had to say about their session...

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